Friday, May 10, 2013

Capital City Cheesecake

This is going to be a short one because I am supposed to be packing for my trip to Costa Rica in a few hours. You see, I love to procrastinate! And last weekend was another perfect example: When I actually had to study for my final exam of the semester, I spent hours walking around town, enjoying the sun, and ultimately browsing a really cute market I had heard of by coincidence.

I have Twitter to thank for introducing me to the DC Meet Market in Logan Circle. It takes place on the first Saturday of every month from April to December and showcases local businesses, artists and designers.  I guess what I liked most was its size. It really felt like a local community event, with people of all ages enjoying the food and getting great ideas for presents, clothes and decoration. They even got a Mexican mariachi band to play in anticipation of Cinco de Mayo.

I couldn't have been happier about postponing my study session, because I not only found a great gift for my boyfriend who I am finally going to see again tomorrow (long distance relationship!) but I also got to sample a few new desserts. And here is what I want you to know: If you appreciate a good cheesecake, Takoma Park apparently is where it's at!

Though I have yet to go to the physical location of Capital City Cheesecakes, the key lime cheesecake I tried at the market was divine. And the ladies at the stand were so friendly; the owners' mum gave me her personal recommendation (which I ended up not taking, but that's only because this beautiful sunny day called for a citrus flavor and she loves the salted caramel) and her daughter packaged an extra-cold mini cheesecake for me when I told her that I was planning to take it home and have it later. The way they set up their stand alone was so charming, I can't wait to see the store.

The cheesecake was creamy but not too heavy, with a very subtle lime note. A tiny slice of lime served as a decorative element on top. I am not too sure what that was actually... some sort of chewy sweet-sour candy. The mini size is great for a quick bite and doesn't make you feel guilty at all. It's a pity that the wrapper isn't made of chocolate. - Something to consider in the future, ladies?! 

I also wish the crumble at the bottom had been slightly thicker. The base had a flakey and soft consistency (which I loved!), but since it was very thin its taste became almost unnoticeable once mixed with the cream cheese. 

Some of the other flavors on their menu include cookies and cream, as well as butter pecan and mango raspberry. Definitely worth a try.

Brownie Points: 2 out of 3

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