About Me

I am Janina, a twenty-something graduate student at Georgetown University with a sweet tooth and the insatiable desire to make the most of my time in this beautiful city. The title of my blog already gives away that I am from Germany, but I have also lived in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, and Mexico. 

My passion for desserts really took off during the time I spent in Abu Dhabi, working in sales for a 5-star hotel. Hopefully, I will be able to explore many more cities and countries with my future job in Human Resources.

This blog is a hobby that has helped me get to know DC better, make new friends, learn my way around the kitchen, and find a balance between school work and (other) personal interests. Funny enough, it has also had a positive effect on the way I take care of myself, as it forces me to regularly go to the gym and eat more fruit and veggies to make up for all the sugar and fat intake!

I always get excited when someone tells me that they follow my culinary adventures, so please reach out to me - either in the comment sections or via Twitter - if you have questions, remarks, or recommendations for places I should visit.

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