Friday, April 12, 2013

Captain Cookie & The Milkman

The weather in DC has been so unexpectedly great these days with summer temperatures, smiling faces everywhere, and people flocking to the parks and outdoor caf├ęs to finally enjoy this beautiful city again. After so many gray and cold winter months I just couldn't sit in front of my laptop all day long and not take advantage of the sun... who knows how long it will stay around? So I painted my nails, put on my shorts and sunglasses, and took a nice long break from working on the university project I mentioned earlier... a 3-hour break that included a walk to the state department in Foggy Bottom to check out this food truck I had been dying to get to: Captain Cookie & The Milkman. These guys deserve 3 brownie points for the name alone!

On its website, the truck is described as a "mobile bakery and dairy bar". The cookies are actually baked fresh inside the truck which means you might be lucky to get one that's still warm. Most ingredients are made from scratch, and the milk products they serve are from a local creamery. Customers get to choose if they want to simply buy a cookie, have cookies with milk, or try a custom-made ice cream sandwich. The menu mostly remains the same with weekly specials.  Of course I had to go for the ice cream sandwich considering the weather and all... It was just too tempting, getting to pick two cookies and the ice cream flavor of you choice. So my creation had a Nutella cookie as the base, black cherry ice cream in the center, and a chocolate chip cookie (classic!) on top. Even the guy in the truck seemed to love this combination because I got an acknowledging grin. 

The sandwiches are served in plastic food boxes for you to take away in case your office or home is really close. My ice cream started to melt quite quickly so I sat on a park bench, relaxed, and savored every spoonful of it. The cookies are not the soft kind but rather on the crunchy side, which makes them a little difficult to eat with a spoon. I however also found it impossible to pick up this huge cookie-ice-cream-creation with my hands and just bite into it, so I resorted to eating the ice cream with the spoon and then nibbling on the cookies separately. The chocolate chip cookie was outstanding, thick and chunky and beautiful. I wasn't able to really taste the Nutella in the other one though, to me it simply tasted like any other chocolate cookie. Good but... meh. My friend tried the oatmeal raisin which I would choose next time: It was delicious, with a hint of cinnamon, and didn't taste "healthy" at all - that is a good thing in my world!

What also made me very happy was the black cherry ice cream. Maybe it's because I usually don't stray from my favorite ice cream flavors, but the cherry tasted quite unusual and distinct to me, and it was a good match for both cookies... almost like a black forest mix.

The truck operates during the week from 11:30 am to approximately 2:15 pm, with the occasional afternoon stop. Its location can be tracked on

07/09/2013 Note: Captain Cookie & The Milkman now means double trouble, as they added a second food truck to serve customers in different locations across D.C. Follow them on Twitter for updates.
Brownie Points for the overall ice-cream-sandwich-experience: 3 out of 3


  1. Awesome! that's one thing i miss from the US

  2. I feel lucky to be here, but I wouldn't complain about the food in Barcelona either! The meats and cheeses and wines... some things I miss about Europe...