Friday, April 5, 2013

J's Cookies

In case you were wondering, J's Cookies is actually the name of the shop. - But it also sells all kinds of coffees and teas, bagels, ice creams and shakes. Since it is located inside the small shopping arcade connected to the Rosslyn metro station I would assume that it primarily caters to commuters. I am usually a bit skeptical about tiny shops that offer a large variety of food and drinks, because I doubt that they can manage and be really good at so many things at once with just one or two guys working there. In terms of presentation I would also not have stopped there if it weren't for the name. But boy do those cookies look yummy! They practically stand out, shiny and bright as if they had their own spotlight directed at the counter.

When I arrived there in the early afternoon some of their flavors had already sold out -  which can only be a good sign - and it did not take me long to pick the white chocolate macadamia cookie, which just seemed to smile at me and say "I was made for you! Only you!"

Judging by the cookie's asymmetrical shape it was home-made, with big chocolate chunks and lots of macadamia nut pieces. It also passed the taste test: Sweet, sugary and filling, but perfect to nibble on now and then, which is what I recommend instead of eating the whole thing at once. It had a great consistency, comparable to Subway cookies (which I am a big fan of by the way!)... soft and chewy. Thinking of it now, I should have tried it with a glass of milk.

It might not have been the king of all cookies, but it was definitely better than the one I had at Dean & DeLuca a few days ago. You could taste more... love in it. Would I travel from far to try it? No. But if you are in Rosslyn anyways and you desperately need a treat, this is where you'll find it.

Brownie Points: 1.5 out of 3 (because I said it was better than the one at Dean & DeLuca, but then again 2 brownie points seem like a lot!)

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