Saturday, April 20, 2013

Recipe: Hot Chocolate Mug Cake

I am by no means experienced in the kitchen. And I might not be qualified to give baking advice. But in some way I believe that my lack of skill will make the following interesting for those who are kitchen amateurs just like me. 

Since the family dinner preparation has always been my mum and sister's domain, I didn't interfere with what I considered "their business" and was consequently labeled as the clumsy one in the family. The one who should never be given a knife because she might not know what to use it for. The one who moves too slow and gets in the way and ends up burning something or hurting the people around her with a hot pan. You get the idea. This is one of the reasons why I generally only try recipes that have few ingredients and do not require specific equipment or a long preparation time. Which limits my options substantially. But few things could be more satisfying than ultimately eating a tasty, maybe even visually appealing dish that you as a rookie made yourself. So I want to share this satisfaction with you and pass on a perfect recipe for late nights on the couch. 

I found this on a blog called Kirbie's Cravings: Hot Chocolate Mug Cake.

All you need is a big mug and a fork to mix the ingredients; then pop it into the microwave for a few minutes and voilá: You have the cake version of a hot chocolate. Note that I used only 3 tablespoons of sugar instead of 4, and reduced the amount of oil, and it still ended up meeting my expectations in terms of consistency and taste. My microwave is old and slow, so the cake took about 3 minutes to bake. By that time it looked a bit like a chocolate soufflé because it rose so much, but if you let it cool off it will sink back into its cup. Don't be surprised if the center is still soft and sticky, I think it is supposed to be that way. And even if it is not, - the combination of fluffy cocoa cake and what tastes like gooey chocolate sauce is just wonderful.

I would recommend dividing the batter between two smaller cups and keeping one for another day, because my willpower was not strong enough to finish the whole thing in one go.

So light some candles, start an episode of that show you really like, sink back into your couch, and enjoy.


  1. That looks so delicious. No wonder that you and Caro are related :)

  2. Nice! I might even try to make this myself!

  3. You are so sweet, thank you for your comments :-)