Thursday, April 18, 2013

Curbside Cupcakes

What could possibly be better than having fresh cupcakes delivered to your doorstep? Ok, not literally to your doorstep but right around the corner from where you live? Unless you reside in close proximity to a bakery, you will understand my child-like enthusiasm when Curbside Cupcakes announced that one of their trucks would make a half-hour stop in Rosslyn at lunch time. Perfect.

For some reason I eat all these cupcakes when there are so many other sweet treats waiting to be sampled. But it seems like they just find me, I keep stumbling upon new places almost on a daily basis. Yesterday I was determined to hold back and not leave my apartment except for my afternoon class (my boyfriend is right when he says that I lack a sense of moderation and need to be reminded of taking a break now and then), but then Food Truck Fiesta, Washingtonian magazine's food truck tracker, interfered.What can I do?!

So here I was, standing in line to try yet another cupcake. To be honest, the exterior of the truck was rather un-appealing to me, so I kept my expectations low. It was basically pink with some white lettering and a picture of a cupcake on it. I guess if you have three food trucks and aim for consistency, it is easiest to keep it simple.... Captain Cookie & The Milkman probably just spoiled me a little in terms of design and originality. Then again, I pretty much arrived when the truck rolled in, and there were already a number of people waiting for their sweet fix. I should have known right then what I was in for.

Let me skip straight to my favorite part: The cupcake I tried, carrot cake, had the best frosting of all time! I thought that Georgetown Cupcake could not be beat in terms of quantity and fluffy-ness of their frosting, but this cupcake not only had a similar amount of frosting, it tasted even more divine and velvety. As if my mum had just finished whisking it in the kitchen when I stuck my finger into the bowl to steal some. The cake itself was also remarkably moist. The moisture made it a little unstable, especially after I cut it in half for the picture, but I am not complaining!

Curbside Cupcakes are quite a big operation, with two indoor kiosks inside the Pentagon City Mall and Union Station complementing their fleet of three food trucks, as well as delivery and catering services. It is run by two long-time DC residents who decided that "cupcakes should come to the people instead of people going to the cupcakes!" I couldn't agree more! The trucks operate on weekdays and some weekends during spring and summer, and usually carry 6-8 flavors at $ 3 each.

Brownie Points: 3 out of 3 (I need to stop discovering such amazing food so I can give lower ratings once in a while... people will think I have a tendency to give full points)

07/29/13 Note: Curbside Cupcakes will no longer be available at Pentagon City Mall as of next week, due to a temporary lease.

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  1. Wow! I will definitely be on the look-out for one of these stands next time I am in the states. It really is awesome when you stumble across a gem like this :)

  2. Some cities here go crazy for food trucks, DC included. Let me know if you ever come to visit and I will tell you where to find the best ones ;-)