Monday, April 29, 2013

Recipe: Cookie for One

I have a new treat for all you passionate but lazy bakers out there! This comes from a blog called "no. 2 pencil" and, again, it was meant to satisfy late-night-cravings that don't usually coincide with the energy to spend an hour in the kitchen. Anyways, if you are only preparing food for one person it can be pretty self-damaging to make a whole batch of cookies to then have them sit on the counter, constantly tempting you to grab a bite and heap on those calories. So make this single portion for yourself and for this very moment; make it to shut out the noise of the world around you; make it spontaneously rain or shine.

In one of my earlier posts I might have mentioned the chocolate chip cookies they used to serve in German Pizza Hut restaurants a few years ago. - This comes very close to it! Oh, the pleasure of digging into a dessert that is somewhere between cookie and dough, half-baked, soft, warm, with melted chocolate pieces inside... While it is probably not the healthiest of food alternatives, especially at a late hour, what it does to your mental state more than makes up for it.

Here comes the recipe (along with a few mouthwatering pictures that make mine look like I did something wrong): Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup.

Do you remember the unexpected summer-like temperatures in DC a few weeks back? I had a really cute dog made out of chocolate sitting next to my window at the time, a present my family had sent for christmas. And all these weeks I had not been ready to open and eat it just yet. Guess what the sun did to my little dog? One day I woke up and saw that it had melted and collapsed. It has been waiting in my fridge for a chance to play an important part in one of my baking exercises ever since. Here it was: I broke off little pieces and used them for my cookie instead of morsels. Which explains why the end result does not have chunks in it; the milk chocolate simply melted in the microwave, blending in perfectly with the soft cookie dough. I'd definitely recommend doing the same, it's different but delightful. 

Other than that, follow the easy recipe and you'll be fine. My microwave is very weak which makes everything I bake in it turn out a little different from what it was originally supposed to look like. 

But one shouldn't judge a cookie by its cover, right?

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