Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crumbs Bakeshop Clarendon

As it always happens with me when I start a new project, I immediately got excited after I wrote my first blog entries and wanted to write many many more. That means: Many many more places to visit and many many sweet things to try. So many calories, so little time! 

Since I know that this enthusiasm will die down within a few days (or so I hope! my wallet and bathroom scale will hate me if it doesn't...) I figured why not take advantage of it now and hop onto the next metro to just casually pass by one of the most amazing cupcake places ever: Crumbs Bakeshop in Clarendon.

For some reason it was empty, and the three friendly ladies working behind the counter seemed happy to see me. They told me that their best-selling flavors are Red Velvet, Cookie Dough and Cookies & Cream, but considering that these cupcakes are quite expensive (USD 3.95) and I wouldn't be able to return frequently, I decided to choose something unusual. 

- I picked their flavor of the month, Peanut Butter and Jelly.

I also got to try the Margarita cupcake, which is spring break-themed and basically a vanilla cupcake with a lime cream cheese frosting. Nice, but not overly exciting. Its neon green color stood out, but then again it's not a color I necessarily need to put into my mouth if you know what I mean.

Ok, so back to the peanut butter and jelly cupcake. The size of Crumbs cupcakes is quite impressive... I think it is safe to say that they are double as big as those at Georgetown Cupcake. Then again, you pay more, and you can easily save half for another meal. Even though I only ordered one cupcake they gave me a huge plastic container that perfectly held it in place, so it arrived home intact, the same way it had looked in the shop. Big bonus points for that!

The peanut butter flavor was pleasantly light and not as overwhelming as expected; especially the cream cheese frosting tasted more like cream cheese than anything else. It was smooth and not too thick, decorated with what seemed like hundreds of cute little toasted peanut pieces. The cake itself was fluffy and just right in terms of sweetness.

The center was filled with strawberry preserves, which in my eyes was not enough to warrant the name "peanut butter and jelly". The jelly was gone in one bite. Yummy though...  and mixed with the light, warm peanut butter flavor it instantly made me want to grab a blanket, put on a nice movie, and just feel cosy and lazy and loved. 

So, verdict: I am a fan!!! Not only because this particular cupcake was good, but because they had such a huge variety of flavors to choose from which made me feel like Alice in Wonderland (or better: Willy Wonka's cupcake factory). And they were decorated so creatively, in so much detail. I wish I could try every single one....

Brownie Points: 2 out of 3

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