Thursday, April 4, 2013

Johnny Rockets' Big Apple Shake

Yes, Johnny Rockets is a restaurant chain and yes, the ingredients are probably not of the highest quality, BUT I had this shake 3 months ago and can still taste its creamy apple and vanilla ice cream flavors on my tongue.

You know all there is to know about the ambiance in this place: Its loud, seats are uncomfortable, people move in and out very quickly (its fast food after all), and you have a menu covered in plastic that it takes you half an hour to study if you want to make a deliberate choice. When my sister visited me in January she loved it though, and I think for non-Americans you also need to factor in a certain excitement about the whole "American Diner" concept. The main reason it also won me over, however, is the extensive selection of ice cream shakes on offer. We went for the one that sounded most like a real dessert, since the menu stated that it contained a whole slice of apple pie. You just don't get anything like this outside of the U.S.!

Alright, so to keep it short, it was the ultimate guilty pleasure! We ordered one shake to share, which was already more than enough (I have no idea how one person can drink one all by themselves), which was served with whipped cream and big straws to suck in the apple pie pieces. I recommend ordering it without the whipped cream because it was fatty and tasteless, but the shake itself is SO worth the calorie intake: The apple pie pieces are so thick that you need a spoon to eat them, and they mix perfectly with the vanilla ice cream. It fills you up so quickly that you don't even need dinner - having only dessert might be unhealthy, but its not something you do everyday so don't be uptight about it. Or you can do it for lunch, then you even have time to burn off some calories afterwards! Either way, I have never tried a shake like this before and didn't know what I was missing. YOU don't know what you are missing!

Brownie Points: 3 out of 3

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